When your mom teaches parenting seminars called "To No Me Is To Love Me," you are trapped in a world of rules and restrictions. Every attempt to live in the moment is met with a laundry list of reasons detailing the hidden dangers of being spontaneous.  For fourteen-year-old Silke Reichard, this is how life has been, and up until now, Silke has handled such a restricted life with grace -- maintaining straight A's, taking care of her younger sister, never stepping out of fact, Silke has always been the perfect daughter.  Until now.  
  The night that the family "magic hat" tells Silke to try something new, she decides that she is going to call the mysterious rainbow-haired, authority-questioning boy from her social studies class.  Dominic Martin is a new student and Silke is irresistibly drawn to his "charm," while Silke's mom sees him as just another casualty of poor parenting.    
   But the magic hat isn't done yet.  It sends Silke's parents to Vegas, giving Silke an opportunity to test her "good girl" reputation, and Dominic is at the center of it all.  Will Silke break away from the persona her parents have forced on her, or can Dominic open her eyes to a life of risk and self-acceptance?  
   In Sincerely, S.L. Rottman crafts a realistic struggle between a mother and daughter, one fighting for control in the name of protecting her child and the other fighting for the freedom to try new things and find herself.  Humorous and sympathetic characters bring to life the teenager's search for independence in this engaging and compelling book.