Hey Mr. Choo-choo

This busy train is really going places! I'm puff-puff-puffin? / In my smokesmoke- stack. / Bells are clang-clang-clangin?. / I'm on the good track! He has people and cargo to carry past cities and towns, through a tunnel, across bridges, and up and down hills as he click-clack-clicks all the way to a favorite destination-the seashore!
With rhythmic verse that perfectly echoes the chugging of a train and whimsical paintings showing the various landscapes along the way, the youngest kids will be eager to take a ride with charming Mr. Choo-choo.


...readers will be anxious to climb back on Mr. Choo-Choo for another energetic ride... this [book] is worth the trip. -- School Library Journal

Children will happily clap along to the steady beat, and younger trainiacs will clamor for repeat ride-ride-rides. -- Kirkus