Dragon of Prophecy ~ Dragon's Luck/Lore/Lament/Legacy

Dragon's Luck


Dragon of Prophecy ~ Book One

In time of need and time of fire
   You protected your heart’s desire.
   In the coming years of woe
   All will fall ‘neath evil glow.
   But in the future lies our dreams—

Although the words of the Forgotten Prophecy encourage others to have hope, they strike fear into 13-year-old Saeb Flynnwick’s heart. As a page, she survived a Wyzard’s attack and saved a precious Dragon egg, but she never expected it to hatch…for her. Thrust into the unexpected role of Dragon Rider, Saeb discovers a lot about herself and the world around her—and challenges the very foundation of her world. 

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Dragon's Lore


Dragon of Prophecy ~ Book Two

Saeb Flynnwick is a rebel, and Galanth is her Dragon of Prophecy. Riders, Tares, pages, and peep are flocking to join her, waiting for her to fulfill the Prophecy. But in a twist of Dragon’s luck, Saeb has to wait for Maeya…

Maeya Daceae watched Spike Cave—and her Dragon egg—go up in the blue fire of a Wyzard attack. So when she is offered another chance to be a Rider, she takes it, even though both she and her new Dragon are dubious about the outcome. Maeya bonds with the Dragon at an unprecedented pace, and with Quoran, the devoted page, they begin their journey to find a new Cave to call home. Along the way, they meet the gifted twins Darvo and Daegny, a Tare who has suffered many losses, and a shadow named Eirenya who brings an unusual friend. Things are changing too fast; their world is teetering. They must all learn to work together to overcome hardships, because only together will they successfully find the Dragon of Prophecy, and their own destiny.

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Dragon's Lament


Dragon of Prophecy ~ Book Three

Saeb and Maeya have been pushing their Dragons and the members of their Clan to get to the Daceae Estate before the start of Sleeping season, but Saeb is also worried about the Trident, because that means there is one more member who needs to join them...

Brind has been raised as the only son and heir of the Wyzards, but when he is denied his legacy, he leaves, taking both his father's best stallion and favorite spoil of war with him, a Dragon's egg. He is not sure what to do with the egg, though he cannot bring himself to destroy it. When it hatches, he finds himself drawn into a journey that will take him to Saeb and Maeya. He looks forward to reaching the end of his journey, but he fears that the end may only be the beginning.

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Dragon's Legacy


Dragon of Prophecy ~ Book Four

The Trident is complete, but the world is still teetering…

The young Riders and their Dragons face new struggles in leading the rapidly growing Speare Clan. They have become a sanctuary for many and a last resort for others. In addition to the struggle of establishing a new Clan, the ever-looming threat of the Wyzards attack weighs heavy on their minds. Saeb and her pitch Dragon Galanth wish to find peace, but are wary of the cost that comes with it.