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School and/or Skype visit

When you invite S.L. Rottman to your school or library, you’re not only getting an author, you’re getting a certified teacher as well. The presentations address several of the National Standards of English, and key words from the Six Traits of Writing are used throughout.

Primary Presentation


The primary presentation is an overview of the writing, editing, and publishing process, and takes approximately thirty minutes, leaving time for Q & A at the end of the hour. Rottman will show and discuss the six different drafts that one of her novels went through before publication. It’s best for groups of no more than 125 at a time, because it gets difficult to see the manuscripts from far away. Larger group presentations, up to 250, are possible with the aid of an overhead projector. Of course, the smaller the group, the better the interaction.   

Creative Writing Workshop

An alternative presentation is a creative writing workshop. For groups of no more than twenty-five, Rottman will take students through a hands-on creative writing exercise and discuss their work as they go. Using the students’ own work for examples, many conventions of writing are highlighted. This workshop takes approximately fifty minutes.  It is helpful, but not necessary, for students and/or teachers to be familiar with Rottman’s books before the presentation. It also helps to have books available for sale before and during (either through your school library or a local bookstore) at the time of the presentation, because it encourages students to get into reading. Rottman is always happy to take time to personalize and individually sign copies of her books.

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